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Koolreport Dashboard -- PdoDataSource #2959

Closed dhiya82 opened this topic on 6 days ago - 6 comments

dhiya82 commented 6 days ago

Hi Koolreport support.

I have install koolreport dashboard as per in the guideline. But there's error on PdoDataSource if you can please advice. Thanks.

Message: Creation of dynamic property koolreport\datasources\PdoDataSource::$originalQuery is deprecated

Sebastian Morales commented 4 days ago

We will fix this warning in the next version of KoolReport. For now you can add the following command to your report file to remove it:

//index.php, App.php, report.php
error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE);
dhiya82 commented 3 days ago

Thanks for the reply.

I have included the line in index.php, app.php & all report.php. But i still got the same error.

I may did it wrong. Can you provide steps to that please? Thank you.

dhiya82 commented 1 day ago

Hi Sebastian.

Fyi i can run the koolreport examples demo.

But have problem running dashboard (error: Creation of dynamic property koolreport\datasources\PdoDataSource::$originalQuery is deprecated)

Why is that?

dhiya82 commented 18 hours ago

Hi Sebastian any luck on this?

Sebastian Morales commented 15 hours ago

For KoolReport example, pls put this line at the beginning of index.php or example.php in each example:

error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE);
dhiya82 commented 12 hours ago

Thanks Sebastian.

It's resolved after downgraded to php7.4

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