A sleek framework to construct modern dashboard


Dashboard Framework is the ultimate solution for creating powerful and beautiful dashboards and admin panels. Built on top of KoolReport Pro, this framework offers a sleek design and strong data handling capabilities, making it easy to create visual representations of your data.

But that's not all - Dashboard Framework also makes it easy to create comprehensive admin panels that can be used to manage your application. With built-in authentication and authorization, you can easily control who has access to your system and what they can do. Plus, with support for multiple languages and themes, you can customize your admin panel to match your brand and style.

Dashboard Framework supports data from multiple sources including CSV, Excel files, MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, and SQLite, and features data caching at the application level for improved performance. Its widget lazy loading capability ensures that your dashboard or admin panel loads quickly and efficiently, even when working with large amounts of data.

Whether you're a business owner looking to track your company's performance, or a developer looking to create an intuitive admin panel for your application, Dashboard Framework has you covered. With its powerful data processing capabilities, beautiful charts and graphs, and user-friendly interface, you'll be able to create stunning data reports and dashboards in no time.


  1. Low-code orientation
  2. Built-in authentication
  3. Construct a beautiful admin panel
  4. Allow authorization from application to data field
  5. Work with MySQL, Postgres, SQL Server, SQLite
  6. Support data from CSV, Excel files
  7. Support Data Caching at widget level
  8. Support multi-languages
  9. Support Multi-themes
  10. Beautiful single page application
  11. Support lazy loading for widgets
  12. Flexible three levels organized menus
  13. Able to export to PDF, Excel, CSV and other formats
  14. Support master-detail data model
  15. Integrated with beautiful data visualization libraries: Google Chart, ChartJs, D3
  16. Work with other frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii2, Symfony

Dashboard Framework will be your shortcut into the world of modern data reporting.


The details of how to install and how to use Dashboard Framework can be found at our documentation.


Please view Dashboard Demonstration. Use demo/demo to login and see how dashboard works. You gonna love it!


Since Dashboard Framework is built on top of KoolReport Pro, you need to purchase Dashboard Framework as an add-on product of KoolReport Pro. The same as KoolReport Pro, Dashboard Framework has 3 types of licenses: Developer License, Team License and Enterprise License.

User Reviews
on Jan 1, 2021

You keep this dashboard framework for long, I have been looking forward to its release for year. But all worth! The Dashboard works like charm. I love the new syntax and the way it works. This is an excellent piece of your big picture. Kudos team, keep up your good works!