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Creation of Dynamic Property Warning #2957

Open eMaX opened this topic on on Jan 23 - 3 comments

eMaX commented on Jan 23

Hi all,

I'm getting these:

Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property ic::$vars is deprecated in blafasel.php on line 17

PHP Version is 8.2.1.


Sebastian Morales commented 4 days ago

I'm not sure where this file comes from. If it's from another vendor's package, can you try to update its version to see whether an updated version solves the issue with PHP 8.2.

Daniel Cordeiro commented 1 day ago

The same problem it happened with me too.

Message: Creation of dynamic property koolreport\datasources\PdoDataSource::$originalQuery is deprecated Line: 150 File: /Users/dcxx/Insync/DrivePessoal/Google Drive/Projetos/dashboard/vendor/koolreport/core/src/datasources/PdoDataSource.php

The AutoMaker command:

return AutoMaker::rawSQL("SELECT count(*)

      FROM tb_pedidos")
Sebastian Morales commented 13 hours ago

Pls put the following command at the beginning in your project's index.php or App.php:

error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE);

We will fix this warning with PHP 8.2 in the next version of KoolReport.

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