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Dynamically add widgets to Dashboard #2789

Closed GHSix opened this topic on on Aug 9 - 4 comments

GHSix commented on Aug 9

I have this Modal that I want to show on a button click but I don´t like to have to add it to all dashboards if they may never get used by the user.

Can I have the Modal widget added dinamically when needed before to be shown?

Of, if not possible, can I add the Modal somewhere in the App so any dashboard can show it?

KoolReport commented on Aug 9

May I know what inside the Modal?

GHSix commented on Aug 9

Just text, it´s an informational popup.

namespace Users;

trait UsersInfo
    function getInfoTitle()
        return '<i class="fa fa-info-circle"></i> Informações de '. $this->title();

    function getInfoContent()
        return '
                O painel <b><i class="'. $this->icon() .'"></i> '. $this->title() .'</b> contém algumas métricas e KPIs com informações gerais que dão um panorama acerca das atividades. <br>
                Para visualizar outros dados, selecione o painel desejado no menu à esquerda.
KoolReport commented on Aug 9

You do like this:

You create your base dashboard based on our dashboard and in your base dashboard you have an action like this:

use \koolreport\dashboard\Dashboard;
use \koolreport\dashboard\notifications\Alert;

class BaseDashboard extends Dashboard
    protected function actionInfo($request, $response)
        return Alert::create()
                ->title("User Information")
                    Html::i()->class("fa fa-info-circle"),
                    Html::b("Anything is posible"),

Now all of your dashboards will derive from BaseDashboard instead of our original Dashboard

class FinancialBoard extends BaseDashboard

Now all of your dashboard will have actionInfo because it derived from BaseDashboard.

Here is how to show the Info from accountMenu or topMenu

class App extends Application
    protected function accountMenu()
        return [
            "User Info"=>MenuItem::create()
                ->icon("fa fa-lock")       

Hope that helps.

GHSix commented on Aug 10

It works too.

Thank you.

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