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Get active dashboard #2788

Closed GHSix opened this topic on on Aug 8 - 5 comments

GHSix commented on Aug 8

Instead of


How to get the active/last loaded dashoboard? i.e.

KoolReport commented on Aug 8

You can do:

GHSix commented on Aug 8

And if I´m outside of the dashboard, like on the menu or topMenu?

KoolReport commented on Aug 8

Let say your Dashboard has an action like this:

class MyDashboard extends Dashboard
    protected function actionDoSomething($request, $response)


At topMenu you can call MyDashboard action at server by following javascript (MyDashboard is an active dashboard)

GHSix commented on Aug 8

Dude, that's gold.

This info got to get into the docs!

Thank you

KoolReport commented on Aug 9

Will be in the docs :)

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