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Single SQL column to Multiple Custom Column #2688

Open arawat opened this topic on on May 19 - 2 comments

arawat commented on May 19


I have two SQL tables one for student id and their subjects

and one for their marks like below, comma separated values

so i take subject and position of marks from table one and from table two i convert comma separated values in array and by position i get the marks of respective subjects for a particular student, and further for particular student i create charts for each subjects.

i am new to kool report, how can i achieve this.


Sebastian Morales commented on May 23

You can use a join sql query to join the 2 tables then use the Map process to split your "marks" column to multiple column like this:

->pipe(new \koolreport\processes\Map(array(
    "{value}" => function($row) {
        $marks = explode(",", $row["marks"]);
        foreach ($marks as $i => $mark) {
            $row["mark_" . $i] = $mark;
        return $row;

Then your datastore "marks" would have "mark_1", "mark_2", "mark_3", etc columns to draw chart together with column "student_id".

arawat commented on May 26

thank u very much.

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