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Geo graph drill down level #1455

Open Rajesh Kumar opened this topic on on May 20 - 2 comments

Rajesh Kumar commented on May 20

I have a requirement to drill down a geo map to display data and would like to explore some options. For the top level, the world map will be showing counts by countries. For Example, China 20, United States 100, Thailand 10, Canada 20.

When the user clicks at a particular country on the map, it will drill down to the country level map. For example, when an user clicks on united sates, the north america map appears. The count for united states will appear. For example, California 5, Oregon 2, Washington 5.

At the same time on clicking the map, the table on the side will also be changed accordingly. For example, when clicking on California, the table on the side will be changing to California, count.

KoolReport commented on May 21

It is possible using DrillDown, you can use the world geochart for the first level. In the second level, you can return content for both geochart (for country level) and the table details.

Rajesh Kumar commented on May 21

Would you please give an example for the country level map? In the example given, an map-api-key is needed to use the region map. With koolreport pro license, is the country map included?

I have tried to supply the state name in GeoChart and is showing a world map.


"title"=>"World Polulation 2016",
    ['City',   'Population', 'Area'],
    ['Rome',      2761477,    1285.31],
    ['Milan',     1324110,    181.76],
    ['Naples',    959574,     117.27],
    ['Turin',     907563,     130.17],
    ['Palermo',   655875,     158.9],
    ['Genoa',     607906,     243.60],
    ['Bologna',   380181,     140.7],
    ['Florence',  371282,     102.41],
    ['Fiumicino', 67370,      213.44],
    ['Anzio',     52192,      43.43],
    ['Ciampino',  38262,      11]
'mapsApiKey'=> 'your-google-key-map',
    "displayMode" => 'markers',
    "colorAxis" => ["colors"=> ['green', 'blue']]


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