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Mechanism to highlight cells based on value in a table view #1448

Open cnetsystems opened this topic on on May 18 - 1 comments

cnetsystems commented on May 18

I am building some audit/compliance reports and am curious if there is a built in mechanism to highlight values out of spec. I think my ideal scenario would be something like this, where the return value is added to the css class for the cell that contains the value

                "filter"=>function($value) {
                    switch ($value) {
                        case ($value < $minimum_accepted_value):
                            return "red";
                        case (($value > $minimum_accepted_value) && ($value < $maximum_accepted_value)):
                            return "green";
                        case ($value > $maximum_accepted_value):
                            return "orange";
KoolReport commented on May 20

You can define css class name for cell base on value. Here could be idea for you.

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