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Latest koolreport update of plugins in data tables #1445

Closed branden opened this topic on on May 18 - 5 comments

branden commented on May 18


I there any example for adding the datatables "defaultPlugins" as indicated on the change log?


David Winterburn commented on May 18

Hi Branden,

In the latest version by default DataTables is loaded with the following plugins: "AutoFill", "ColReorder", "RowGroup", "Select"

In addition to these, you could load the following plugins:

    "plugins" => array("Buttons", "FixedColumns", "FixedHeader", "KeyTable", "Responsive", "RowReorder", "Scroller", "SearchPanes"),
branden commented on May 18

Hi David, How can i enable buttons for example?

I've added the plugins to the datatable yet i do not see it ? am i missing anything?


        "id" => "byMostD",
        "name" => "byMostD",
        "dataSource" => $this->dataStore("byMostDialed"),
        "scope" => $this->params,
        "plugins" => array("Buttons",),
        "options" => array(
            "searching" => true,
            "paging" => true,
            "colReorder" => true,
            "order" => [],
            "ordering" => true,
            "pageLength" => 10,

            "responsive"=> true, 
            "autoWidth" => false
branden commented on May 19

Any feedback?

David Winterburn commented on May 20

Hi Branden,

Please use this option to show Buttons' buttons:

    "plugins" => array("Buttons",),
    "options" => array(
                    "dom" => 'Bfrtip',
                    "buttons" => [
                        "copy", "csv", "excel", "pdf"

Let us know if you have any problem with this. Thanks!

branden commented on May 20

Excellent!! Thank You

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