A simplest way to build dynamic reports.


One of the most important elements in building a dynamic data report is the ability to let us set parameters. For example, we may select a date range to get sale summary report. Or better, we can select the country, city to get customized result. The inputs package eases this part by providing list of reusable widgets such as DateRangePicker, Select, MultiSelect for your users to provide parameters into report. Furthermore, the inputted parameters will be bound automatically to report's parameters so it will save you some time & effort.

Here is the list of most crucial widgets supported by inputs package:

  1. Common inputs: TextBox, CheckBoxList, RadioList, Select, MultiSelect
  2. Advanced inputs: DateRangePicker, DateTimePicker, RangeSlider
  3. Support data binding to data sources
  4. Support state persistent with report's parameters.


The details of how to install and how to use Inputs package can be found at our documentation.


  1. List of Controls In Action
  2. Dynamic Report
  3. Inputs & Ajax Loading


The package can be purchased per project under Regular License or Extended License. The Regular License is for project of which users are not charged for. The Extended License is used for commercial project of which users are charged for.

The package is also available in the KoolReport Pro which contains all our packages and allow you to use in unlimited projects.

User Reviews
Vera Lucia Lourenço
on Jan 16, 2018

Just bought! Wonderful package, please keep adding more and more input controls.

Franco Talamini
on Dec 11, 2017

I really love this package, work great!