Export your report to PDF, JPG, PNG and other formats.


One of the most important features in a reporting tools or framework is the ability to export report to other formats such as PDF. The exported file can be pushed to download from browser, attached to email or simply stored for later used.

For longtime, exporting HTML To PDF is quite difficult due to several reason. First, PDF is still behind browser in term of CSS supporting which makes modern version of CSS does not work in PDF like it does in browser. The same happens to HTML. Second, modern chart and graphs uses Javascript to render. Google Charts suite is a big example. That hinders the ability to include those beautiful charts into PDF.

This Export package solved those problems and more.


  1. Exporting your HTML report to PDF and common image formats (JPG, PNG, BMP ..)
  2. Fine-pixel printing report with different sizes: A3, A4, A5, Letter, Legal, Tabloid
  3. PDF paging supported with customized repeated header and footer text in each page. The page number and total number of page are supported as well.
  4. In-page Javascript supported. This means you can include any kind of modern charts such as Morris, D3, Sparkline. You name it, we support it!
  5. Exported file can be save to local drive or can be pushed to browser for user to download.

What can I do with this package?

  1. Well, you can export your report and store for later usage.
  2. You can export to PDF and attach it to email and send to key persons every week.
  3. You can let user download your report in PDF or their preferred image file.
  4. You can create invoice in familiar HTML, export it to PDF then send to your customer. That's professional!
  5. There will be much more! We will update this list.


Please make sure that you install the KoolReport and then follow our documentation to install and use the Export package.


  1. PDF Export
  2. Inputs & Export


The package can be purchased per project under Regular License or Extended License. The Regular License is for project of which users are not charged for. The Extended License is used for commercial project of which users are charged for.

The package is also available in the KoolReport Pro which contains all our packages and allow you to use in unlimited projects.

User Reviews
on May 17, 2017

Awesome! I really like feature of exporting javascript-based charts to PDF! I am a big fan of KoolReport now. All the best!

on May 25, 2017

Best PDF converting library I've had. Very easy to use. Five stars. I hope you guys will provide DOCX and XLSX exporting feature in the future.