Powerful D3 Chart Library for your data visualization


With the massive amount of data being generated today, communicating this information is getting difficult. Visual representations of data are the most effective means of conveying meaningful information and D3 provides a great deal of ease and flexibility to create these data visualizations. It is dynamic, intuitive and needs minimum amount of effort.

This is one of must-have packages which provides stunning data visualization. This package is built on top of well-known D3JS library to provide charts and graphs for KoolReport.


The details of how to install and how to use D3 package can be found at our documentation.


Following are chart types provided by D3 packages:

  1. ColumnChart
  2. BarChart
  3. LineChart
  4. SplineChart
  5. AreaChart
  6. PieChart
  7. DonutChart
  8. Waterfall
  9. FunnelChart


The package can be purchased per project under Regular License or Extended License. The Regular License is for project of which users are not charged for. The Extended License is used for commercial project of which users are charged for.

The package is also available in the KoolReport Pro which contains all our packages and allow you to use in unlimited projects.

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