Export your report to PDF, PNG, JPG using cloud services.


CloudExport helps to export your report to PDF or other format using export service providers. is the first cloud service we implemented for CloudExport. is developed by us so you can assure the compatibility as well as the quality of result. is an online service helps to convert HTML to PDF and other image format. Running on highly optimized hardware and software, the will save your time in installing headless browsers like Phantomjs or Google Chrome. It also saves you server resources which you may reserve for other crucial tasks. The is in beta version so all are free.

Get Token Key

  1. Register an account in An email with title "Welcome to" will be sent to you in few minutes after your sign up.
  2. Use account credential in welcome email to log in our system.
  3. Go to tokens management page
  4. Hit Generate button to generate token key.


The details of how to install and how to use CloudExport package can be found at our documentation.


  1. Set header & footer
  2. Insert page break


The package is released under MIT License which is free and can be use in any of your purpose. It is also pre installed inside KoolReport Pro package.

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on Mar 12, 2019


katia lagha
on Jun 22, 2019

Work just fine